Diesel Anudan Yojana: You will not get a better chance to buy diesel than this, the government is giving discounts on Diesel 2022

Diesel Anudan Yojana :- Under Diesel Anudan Yojana, Bihar government gives subsidy to the farmers on the purchase of diesel. Recently, application forms have also been filled to avail this benefit. So if you also want to take advantage of this subsidy, then know about it.

Diesel Anudan Yojana

If you use a tractor or motor for farming purposes and buy a large amount of diesel for it, then there is no better chance than this to buy it cheaply. The Bihar government had recently sought re-application for subsidy on diesel subsidy applications that were canceled under which farmers get diesel subsidy. Although, the last date of application was till 10 November only, but the government releases it every year.

Significantly, this subsidy is brought under the Diesel Anudan Yojana and if you also want to take advantage of this scheme, then know about this scheme issued by the government.

What is Diesel Subsidy Scheme?

Bihar has to face severe drought during the summer season. This year, about 11 districts of Bihar have been declared drought-hit. Therefore, giving relief to the farmers, subsidy is given on the purchase of diesel for agricultural purposes by the government. This includes irrigation, standing crops such as paddy, maize, pulses, oilseeds, seasonal vegetables, medicinal crops and aromatic plants.

Gets huge subsidy

The subsidy given under the diesel subsidy scheme used to be Rs 600, which has since been increased to Rs 750 per acre. At the same time, a subsidy of Rs 2,250 per acre is given for a maximum of 3 irrigations for standing crops, medicinal crops and aromatic plants. This benefit can be availed for farming on 8 acres.

To apply for diesel subsidy scheme, online form can be filled by visiting https://state.bihar.gov.in/krishi/CitizenHome.html or the official portal of Agriculture Department https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in

Keep these things in mind to get subsidy

  • To take advantage of the Diesel Subsidy Scheme, the applicant has to take care of some important things.
  • Only one member of the farmer’s family will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • The last 10 digits of the registered number should be mentioned on the diesel purchase receipt.
  • The receipt should bear the name, signature or thumb impression of the buyer.
  • The farmer will have to submit the details of his bank account, in which the diesel subsidy amount will be sent.
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