We celebrate 26th January every year as Republic Day. And on 2023 we are going to celebrate our 74th Republic Day.

This day is celebrated because the constitution of our country was implemented on this day itself.

PM Modi had renamed Rajpath as Kartavya Path in September last year and now this is the first time that the Republic Day parade will be held here.

Do you know that from 1950 to 1954, the Republic Day parade was held at four different places instead of Rajpath.

The Republic Day celebrations begin with the arrival of the President's motorcade.

At the time of flag hoisting by the President, all the people present there, including his special mounted bodyguard, stand at attention and salute the tricolor. 

Then the national anthem begins, A 21-gun salute is given during the national anthem. This salute lasts 52 seconds from the beginning of the national anthem.

The 21 gun salute is actually given by the 7 guns of the Indian Army, which are called pounders. Each cannon fires three rounds.

These guns were made in 1941 and it is a tradition to include them in all ceremonial programs of the army.

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