The Last of Us episode 3 to feature newcomers Bill and Frank Second episode saw the death of Tess, leaving Joel and Ellie to continue on

Creatives reveal tragic back story for Tess, including having to kill her husband but not being able to do the same for her infected son New images from next episode "Long Long Time" released by HBO

Images show flashbacks of Joel, Ellie and Bill, and current timeline of show Bill and Frank's story to be one of the series' biggest departures from the source material

Episode to be 80 minutes long, spanning across a long period of time. Episode 3 to explore the backstory of Bill and Frank, characters that were not explored in depth in the game

Nick Offerman as Bill, a reclusive ally of Joel, and Murray Bartlett as Frank, his romantic partner, are featured in the new images

Fans can expect to see a deeper exploration of the characters' relationship and how it plays out in the post-apocalyptic world 

– Joel and Ellie will be seen interacting with Bill and Frank, as they navigate the challenges of survival

– The episode is expected to be emotional and action-packed, with critical acclaim for the first two episodes building high expectations for episode 3 

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